Determination of Peat Ecosystem Functions

The procedure for determining the Peat Ecosystem Function, as mentioned in Article 9 section (2) of the Ministerial Regulation Number P.14/2017, includes the Peat Ecosystem Protection Function and the Peat Ecosystem Cultivation Function. Article 10 section (1) explains that the determination of the protection function of the Peat Ecosystem as referred in Article 9 paragraph (2) letter A is carried out with the following criteria: a. Peat with a depth of 3 meters; b. Peat in protected areas (conservation forests, etc.) as mentioned in the Spatial Plan c. Peat Ecosystem which is set for a utilization moratorium based on the regulations. Article 9 section (2) explains that the Peat Ecosystem Area with a protected function at least covers 30% of all Peat Hydrological Units, which are located starting from one or more peat domes. The peak of peat dome is determined by considering the depth of the peat and the height of the peat surface, as explained in Article 9 section (3). The Peat Ecosystem with the cultivation function, as referred in Article 9 section (2) letter B, is determined in the area within the Peat Hydrological Unit outside the criteria for the protection of Peat Ecosystem as referred in Article 10.