Recovery of Peat Ecosystem Functions

Peat Ecosystem Conservation must be carried out consistently and continuously for all peatlands both in the private company area (concession land / licensed area) and on community land. Efforts to conserve Peatland Ecosystems are carried out by conserving the intact Peat Ecosystem and recovery for damaged Peat Ecosystems.

Recovery of the Peat Ecosystem Function is an activity conducted to restore the nature and function of the Peat Ecosystem similar or close to its original nature and function through hydrological restoration, rehabilitation of vegetation, natural succession, and / or other methods in accordance with the development of science and technology.

Hydrological Restoration is an effort to restore the water system of Peatlands to make the Peat Ecosystem or its parts wet and re-function as they were originally. The activities carried out through the construction of infrastructure to re-wet the Peat, such as water structures, water reservoirs, canal hoarding, and / or water pumping.

To restore vegetation in the Peat Ecosystem can be done by the Natural Succession namely recovery without human intervention. Another method is called Vegetation Rehabilitation, an effort to restore and improve the function of the Peat Ecosystem by planting vegetation so that productivity and its role in supporting the life support system are maintained.

Vegetation rehabilitation to restore land cover in the Peat Ecosystem as much as possible need to use native plants in the protection/conservation function or with other types of plants that are adaptive to wetlands and also have an economic value in the cultivation function.

Peat Ecosystem Recovery is carried out in the private company (concession land / licensed area) and in the community area.